I was born differently abled and have been working in this company since March 2015. Although I expressed interest at working for several other companies previously no one gave me the opportunity. However I was lucky to be selected to work at VSS Products in Dankotuwa. During the first few days I worked in the drying division, but within a short time was transferred to the packing division. The management has always been supportive, even making necessary arrangements to bank my salary every month. When we work night shifts, they ensure that we get our meals and rest at the right time. Apart from our salaries, all our needs are also taken care of. Despite my condition, the other workers and the management treat me equally and we all work together as one. I am indeed proud and happy to say that I love my job and wish the company all the success in the future.


I started work at this company on 27/11/2014 at the drying division. After working three different shifts in this area, I was moved to the packing division. As at now I know and understand most of the functions in this company, and continue to work both happily and productively. In comparison to other companies, this company maintains a high level of cleanliness, and we also see a lot of unity among the management.

I feel that through the guidance of the senior management and the dedication of the workers, VSS products is going from strength to strength. As workers we are well rewarded with salaries, transport and other benefits to fit the work that we do. We are privileged to work for a company that takes care of us so well, and would like to wish VSS Products all the success.