VSS all natural USDA Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is manufactured without any usage of chemicals or solvents, based on traditional methods of production that preserve the goodness of coconut within the extracted oil. Organic cultivation of trees under strict supervision produces well nourished mature fruits that are plucked after a rigorous screening process that discards insect damaged, spoilt and under –ripe coconuts. Freshness and nutrition of fruit are preserved during storage in our temperature controlled warehouses built in accordance to global standards of quality.

The Production Process

Sourcing of organic coconuts from our family owned plantations as well as certified coconut growers under strict quality parameters. The plantations are supervised and tested for non usage of chemicals and pesticides while workers are well educated on sustainable agriculture practices.

The stored coconuts are de-husked and de-shelled as soon as possible, with the last layer of testa (brownish film that lies between the shell and coconut meat) also removed to reveal the pure coconut meat, that was naturally protected by many coverings.

The fresh coconut meat is disintegrated into small pieces and dried below 60oC using a fully automatic dryer and cold-pressed with a temperature-controlled expeller machine. Temperature less than 60oC is maintained throughout the expulsion process, as required by industry standards. The natural scent, taste, bio-activity, antioxidants, and nutrients of the coconuts are preserved without the denaturing effect of heat as the cold pressing method is used in production.

Sediments and particles in the organic virgin coconut oil are filtered and removed.

Large sterile stainless steel tanks store the organic virgin coconut oil prior to bottling in the modern in-house bottling plant.