VSS Products (Pvt) Ltd is a family owned business founded in the 1900’s with an illustrious heritage in the coconut industry. We manufacture and distribute premium certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Flour, and other coconut based products according to traditional standards of excellence, preserving the goodness and essence of the highest quality fruits that are picked.

The production process maintains the highest of ethical standards that are in line with sustainable agricultural practices. VSS provides a livelihood to hundreds of Sri Lankan family’s, preserves nature balancing corresponding eco systems and works tirelessly towards the promotion of ethical and organic production.

Philip Pulle also known as Pilawidane (Village headman) founded VSS in the 1900’s with just eighteen traditional bullock powered extraction machines known as the “sekkuwa”. The first factory producing coconut oil in the North Western Province of the country was founded by this great visionary, with a distribution system based on tele-transportation along the Hamilton Canal. Only the very best of the crop was chosen from the 36 acre VSS coconut plantation in addition to purchases from certified farmers under a stringent mechanism of quality control.

The VSS production facility in Dankotuwa, Sri Lanka use their inherent knowledge in traditional methods of oil extraction together with state-of-the-art technology in quality assurance, to ensure only the highest quality products enter the market.

The emerald isle of Sri Lanka claims ownership to a rich ancestry and legacy in traditional coconut based products. The tropical weather and ideal growing conditions for coconut plantations have provided locals with an abundance of coconut produce rich in nutrition, taste and flavour for thousands of years. Traditional processing methods have been deployed in the extraction of by-products such as oils with immense emphasis on preserving the natural goodness of produce in every step of production.